About Us

Who We Are

The ECCP is a bilateral foreign chamber that promotes European interests in the Philippines and vice versa. With nearly 800 members, the ECCP offers a strong business network that holds great potential in translating to tangible business opportunities. It is a unique organization that offers membership as well as professional business services to members and clients.

What We Provide

  • Business matching with clients, suppliers, distributors/agents, and partners
  • Market intelligence briefings and research
  • Access to live business opportunities
  • Updates on the latest business developments and industry trends
  • Assistance in internationalizing or localizing business
  • Marketing and promotions opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Customized training solutions

What We Do for our Members


As a membership organization, the ECCP is proud to have close to 800 members amongst its ranks. The chamber provides a wide variety of services to its member companies, individuals and organizations and strives to make its members’ viewpoint heard on economic and business issues, legislative measures and administrative regulations. The ECCP identifies business opportunities, facilitates business contacts, and provides market intelligence research for European and Philippine companies alike. The ECCP keeps its members informed through its digital channels, publications, and e-newsletters.

Trade and Investments

The ECCP promotes trade and investments between Europe and the Philippines by providing a wide range of information, import assistance, counseling on the local business environment, and advice on how to invest in the Philippines. The ECCP also offers business advisory services, market/feasibility studies, and other market entry requirements of newcomers to the Philippines market.

Trade Fairs

Visiting or exhibiting in international trade fairs is one of the most effective market entry measures. The ECCP, as an international trade fair information center, provides extensive services to exhibitors and visitors of European and Asian trade fairs. The ECCP also represents some of the leading European fairs in fashion and textiles, consumer goods, electronics, information technologies, industrial goods, building materials, and food.

The ECCP endorses and co-organizes Philippine trade fairs and shows which are of interest to European exhibitors.

ECCP has a subsidiary Fairs & More Inc. which is an international trade fairs company an international trade fair company which organizes exhibitor and visitor packages for companies to internationally-recognized trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses as well as provide events management services.

Business Forums

The ECCP organizes business meetings and seminars with resource speakers from the Philippines, Asia, and Europe, which coordinate the position of the business sector as well as dialogues with Philippine government officials on important economic issues affecting Philippine-European business relations. Moreover, the ECCP enjoys the cooperation of the leading Philippine and European trade and business organizations and maintains close links to the commercial sections of the European embassies and the Delegation of the European Commission in the Philippines.

Business to Business Cooperation

One of the objectives of the ECCP is to strengthen commercial and investment relations to the benefit of companies in Europe and the Philippines. Special programs have been developed to identify partners in technology, production, subcontracting, distribution or joint venture opportunities in both markets. Counseling and linkages to support facilities form part of our services alongside market intelligence and research services.